NumXL 2.0 Beta is in the works

NumXL 2.0 Beta is in the works

We are actively working on the second major release of NumXL. The plans for NumXL 2.0 were driven primarily by the large amount of feedback we received from our users.

In this coming edition, there will inevitably be a few changes despite our relentless attempts to keep the functions set static. We are hoping that the simplicity and added functions in the new version will offset any inconvenience experienced by our users.

Tentatively, we are planning to have our first release of NumXL for beta users early in January 2010.


  • We have finished the specs for NumXL 2.0. Our engineers came up with great ways to simplify the users’ functions. In high level, we now have the means to define a model (ARMAi, GARCHi, etc) and data sets separately, and then invoke a family of functions to process the dataset and/or the models (e.g. LLFi, AICC, WMAi, EWMAi).

    I believe this will be a great milestone for NumXL, and it will not only simplify NumXL for our users, but lay out the ground to introduce new functions.

    • Due to the increased support and new features requests for NumXL 1.0, we have opted to release few intermediate releases prior to 2.0. Nevertheless, we are committed to NumXL 2.0 new framework and we anticipate releasing the beta version at later date in February 2010.

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