What’s New in NumXL 2.0

Although, NumXL 2.0 is not officially out, this article will give you a good head start on the new features in NumXL 2.0.

  1. Summary Statistics (support for missing observations)
    1. Mean, Median, Quantile, Quartile, SD, Skew, Kurtosis, count 
    2. Range, IQRi, MDi, MADi, MIN, MAX, RMDi, RMSi, GINI and long-run variance
    3. ACFi, PACFi
    4. Correlation (Spearman, Pearson and Kendall), exponential-weighted correlation, cross-correlation
  2. Data Transformation (support for missing observations)
    1. smoothing function (e.g.
      moving average, exponential, kernel Gaussian smoothing, etc.)
    2. LAGi, DIFF, fractional difference, Add, Sub, Scale
    3. Transformation (BoxCox Optimal Transform)
    4. Filter: Low-Pass High-Pass, Band-Pass, Band-Stop, and ARMA Filter
    5. Fourier transform, Wavelet transform
  3. Statistical Distributions
    1. Histogram
    2. Normal, Student’s t, Chi-square, Fischer-Snedecor (F-dist), Gamma, Poisson, Weibull, Exponential, Beta, Laplace, power exponential (GEDi) and Log Normal distributions
    3. PDF, CDF, InvCDF
    4. P-Value and Critical Value
    5. MAD, SD, Skew and Kurtosis
    6. Fourier transform,
      Wavelet transform
  4. Parametric Modeling
    1. ARMA, ARMAX, ARIMAi, ARFIMAi, AirLine
    3. IIDi
    4. COMPLEX Models (e.g. ARMA-GARCH, ARFIMAi-GARCH, etc)
  5. Model Functions
    1. Spectral Density function
    2. Goodness of fit – LLFi, AICi, Bayesian Information Criterion (BICi/SICi), SSEi, SAD
    3. Impulse Response Function (IRF)
    4. Calibration and error estimation of model coefficient
    5. Simulation
  6. Statistical tests (support for missing observations)
    1. White noise, Normality and ARCH Tests
    2. Unit-root tests – ADFi and KPSSi
    3. Co-integration test
    4. Correlation test (Pearson, Spearman, and Kendall)
    5. Long-memory test (Local Whittle Estimate, GPH)
  7. Covariance Analysis
    1. Covariance matrix, exponential-weighted covariance matrix
    2. Covariance to Correlation matrix transform
    3. Matrix positive-definite test

Furthermore, the functionality offered through the menus, tool-bars and form wizards has been revised to enhance the usability of both the existing and new functions.

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