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NumXL - Analytics made easy!

Transform your Microsoft Excel into a robust analysis and forecasting solution!

How It Works

Build, validate, rank models, and forecast in Excel

Share your results by sending just one file.

Link data, analysis and models together

Make and track changes instantly.

No scripting/programming is required

Correlogram output table and plots
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Our Clients

Summary Stats

Describe quantitatively key metrics for location, dispersion, distribution shape, and dependencies.

Statistical Testing

Examine significance and verify assumptions (e.g., Normality, stationary, cointegration).

Data Fitting

Construct fitting curves using Interpolation, smoothing, or non-parametric fitting algorithms.


Transform your sample data values for the best results.

Statistical Sampling

Sort, Shuffle, or draw (subset or random) a set of observations from your sample data.


Remove noise and uncover important components: level, trend, and seasonality.


Capture serial correlations with ARMA family models for accurate forecasts.


Model variance variability with GARCH family models for volatility forecasts.

Date & Calendar

Account for dates and calendar-related issues for best results.

Forecasting Performance

Evaluate, track and compare the accuracy of forecasting processes or models.

Factor Analysis

Uncover patterns or investigate relationships among correlated variables.

Spectral Analysis

Decompose time series into a spectrum of primary components (e.g., DFT, Filtering).

Portfolio Analysis

Analyze portfolio for returns, variance, and covariance, simulate correlation of assets and calculate portfolio value at risk (VaR).


Process data in text format, handle missing value occurrences, and manipulate arrays in Excel.

Everything starts with the Customers

  • Curt Mitchell
    3 months ago
    I have had very good experience with the NumXL product. Since I am not a programmer but...
  • Ladislav Kabat
    a month ago
    Over the few last days, I was confronted with an urgent problem in applying the special...
  • Ray Christopher
    3 years ago
    The product contains numerous easy-to-use modules and the interface with Excel is a big...
  • Than Yee Yong
    2 years ago
    I discovered numxl excel add-in through a google search. I subscribed it for my kids stats...
  • Carlos Montojo
    7 years ago
    I have really found in NUMXL all the tools I needed for my statistical work related to...

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Yes. We take every precaution and apply the industry's best security practices to protect our users’ information.

What payment method can I use?

We accept nearly all payment methods. You can pay using any major credit cards, checks, Bank / Wire transfer, or purchase order.

How long will it take to get the software?

The delivery is instant for credit card payments. You will have the add-in in minutes if you pay by credit card.

On how many machines can I install my license?

You may install NumXL and use your license key on an unlimited number of machines (e.g., work, home, notebook) as long as you have exclusive access to those machines.