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NumXL - Analytics made easy!

Transform your Microsoft Excel into a robust analysis and forecasting solution!

How It Works

Build, validate, rank models, and forecast in Excel

Share your results by sending just one file.

Link data, analysis and models together

Make and track changes instantly.

No scripting/programming is required
Correlogram output table and plots
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Our Clients

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  • Rodolfo Oviedo
    3 months ago
    I read all the articles that I could find by Mohamad on principal components analysis. They are top-notch quality and easy to understand. As a bonus, they use interesting data. Although I had already used PCA in my research and I know the linear algebra behind, I found then illuminating. Finally, if I have to
  • Renars Rutkovskis
    10 months ago
    Excellent software. Use it for many years for my quant research and trading!
  • Than Yee Yong
    7 months ago
    I discovered numxl excel add-in through a google search. I subscribed it for my kids stats education. I found it easy to use and to explain for my kids exploration as well. The online user guides, tutorial guides So why not try it for yourself and explore the possibilities..
  • Gavin Gilbert
    9 months ago
    One of the bet statistical Excel add-ins that I have ever used. Other than a very complete and easy to use library their support is second to none. Highly recommended.
  • Gerald Ogbonna
    a year ago
    The software is very intuitive/easy to use, plus there is a lot of tutorial videos on the official website. Support team was very helpful and I genuinely appreciate the time you put into helping out customers.

Flexible Pricing Plans

No hidden fees: plans include maintenance and support.

Is the online order process secure?

Yes. We take every precaution and apply industry best security practices to protect our users’ information.

What payment method can I use?

We accept nearly all payment methods. You can pay using any major credit cards, checks, Bank / Wire transfer, or purchase order.

How long will it take to get the software?

The delivery is instant for credit card payments. You will have the add-in in minutes if you pay by credit cards.

On how many machines can I install my license?

You may install NumXL and use your license key on an unlimited number of machines (e.g., work, home, notebook) as long as you have exclusive access to those machines.