Resellers / Distributors

Resellers listed here are Spider Financial Software Channel Partners with a secure connection to NumXL Software Development Products.

Resellers interested in selling NumXL software products, please contact Spider Financial distributors. Resellers in need of further sales and marketing support, please contact [email protected]

Reseller - SHI

Software House Intl. (SHI)
800.764.8889 (fax)

Reseller - SHI

Software House Intl. (SHI)
800.764.8889 (fax)

Reseller - WoorimTech
South Korea

Woorim Tech
042-222-1188/ 070-7580-1188
042-222-1850 (fax)

NumXL Reseller / Distributor - BTSoftware colored icon
The Netherlands

BTSoftware BV.
+31-40-2906460 (fax)

NumXL Reseller / Distributor - SoftwareOne Logo
The Netherlands

SoftwareONE B.V.

Naritaweg 177
1043 BW Amsterdam
[email protected]
+31(0)20 2586 800
+31(0)20 2586 801 (fax)

Reseller - TTS Company

TTS Company Sp. z o.o.

[email protected]
+48 22 868-40-42


Most frequent questions and answers:

Resellers are financially responsible for end-user and subscription renewals. Once the subscription term is due, the subscription renewal fee will be automatically charged to your account if not canceled.

  1. You – the reseller – will contact us (at [email protected]) asking for a price quote. A quote will be generated within one working day.
  2. Next, accept the quote, and we will send you an official invoice, with payment instructions.
  3. Once the invoice has been fully paid, we will send you the license key and related information.
  4. You will pass this license information to your customer.
  5. We’ll update the support account with your customer’s information.

Officially, the product is sold from the USA, and all support material is either available online (via the support portal) or downloaded with the program.

Yes, we accept credit cards and many other payment methods, such as Wire transfer, ACH, Check, PayPal, etc. Contact us if you wish a different payment method.

Your customers can receive the same premier product and technical support, using the same available channels: phone, email, and help desk.