About Spider Financial

Established in 2008, and headquartered in Chicago, Spider Financial provides analytical and statistical software tools and services for securities trading, risk management, and financial operations. Our core mission is to enhance Microsoft Excel’s analytical capabilities with sophisticated econometric functions that cater to the needs of finance professionals and academics around the world.

Our core offering, NumXL, was born out of a need for a powerful, yet simple tool for analyzing time series models. For that, we’ve designed an intuitive user interface with the client’s experience as our main focus.

In addition to the simple user interface, our focus on providing the best possible experience for our clients has led us to offer a plethora of resources to support your use of our software. This includes video tutorials, documentation, and in-house support staff who are always an email or phone call away.

Our Clients

NumXL – Spider Financial’s flagship product – has been a critical analytical and forecasting tool for professionals, corporations, academics, and students. Our clients include:


Our ease of use, flexibility, and integration with Microsoft Excel, as well as a wide range of other available tools, allow analysts in a wide range of industries to use NumXL for tasks such as macroeconomic forecasting, time series analysis, estimating demand, and more.


An intuitive graphical user interface makes NumXL the perfect teaching tool. Students can quickly learn how to import data, run regressions, and view graphical results, allowing professors more time to teach statistics and econometrics rather than how to use the software.

Government / Non-Profits

Numerous government agencies and non-profit organizations trust our software.


The company was established and is managed by Mohamad El-Bawab, a University of Chicago MBA graduate and technology and financial engineering veteran with over 20 years of experience in the sector.


Most frequent questions and answers

Our company name is based on the efficient opportunistic hunter – The Spider. Similar to a spider, we celebrate innovation and efficiency and provide practitioners the analytical tools to weave their ideas and experiences into a strong web to trap and hunt profitable opportunities. The SPIDER name is not to be confused with the S&P500 ETF (SPDR).

We have several VAT numbers available through our reseller, FastSpring.

EU VAT Number1EU826012240
Switzerland VATCHE-407.203.569
Norway VAT22017474
Japan NTA00062
  1. The general VAT validation services can not verify our VAT number. Still, the Mutual Assistance Office (a sub-department of the local VAT collection agency) can verify in each EU country from a database available to those offices.
  2. If you need verification of FastSpring’s VAT number for Norway, you can contact [email protected] or [email protected].

You can find our Terms of service agreement here and our online Privacy Policy here.

Yes, we do! Resellers interested in selling NumXL software products, please contact NumXL distributors’ support. Resellers in need of further sales and marketing support, please contact [email protected]. Process:
  1. Once you, the reseller, contact us at ( [email protected]) asking for a quote, we will reply with our offer within one working day.
  2. To buy, send us a Purchasing Order (PO), and we will send you an invoice.
  3. Once you have paid the invoice, we will send you the license key and related information.
  4. Please pass this information to your customers, and we’ll switch your information with the customer’s information.

Many of our customers and users frequently inquire about our academic discount and classroom pricing programs. We offer two options available, depending on the number of licenses you need.

Please, visit the following article on our help center with more details and examples where each option may work best for you.

Our headquarters are based in Chicago, IL, with supporting offices worldwide.

SPIDER Financial Corp
1507 East 53rd Street, #446
Chicago, Illinois 60615
United States of America
Phone: +1 (312) 324-0367
Hours: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM (GMT-06:00) Central Time

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