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NumXL in the clouds!

We are excited to announce a new development on the NumXL support front. We are pooling all the examples we have developed over the years and are making them available to our users via a cloud-based storage service (Box.net).

Why should I care?

You now have access to a whole range of examples. Each example comes with an elaborate description, so you can decide whether you need a certain example before you download it.

In addition, this service is our central repository. We will be adding more examples as we develop them.

How do I access this service?

You don’t have to do anything different than before: Just go to the reference manual on our website and navigate to any Function of interest. In the reference page, you will find a small window (toward the bottom of the page) listing files with examples.

Hovering your mouse over a file or a folder in this window provides a unique description for it in a pop-up tip.

Why don’t we bundle the examples with the installed software?

The sheer size of the installer would grow dramatically, making it slower to download. In addition, the installed software will occupy a larger space on your computer, and you won’t have access to the newly added examples.

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