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NumXL 1.63 SHAMROCK is going beta

Great News! Spider has begun the beta testing phase of the upcoming NumXL version 1.63 (Shamrock), which supports new models (e.g. ARIMAi, SARIMAi, ARMAX and SARIMAXi) and a Monte-Carlo simulation functionality.

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NumXL 1.59 TUCSON is going into Beta

We are excited to announce the start of beta testing for NumXL’s next update – 1.59 TUCSON.

In addition to numerous fixes, the new release will support 64-bit version of Microsoft Excel 2010 and 2013, making it easier to analyze large data sets into NumXL.

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NumXL software development and release

NumXL 1.57 (SINGA) has gone into Beta

Today, NumXL 1.57 SINGA has gone into Beta testing in preparation for official release, which is about a week away.

In addition to numerous fixes, NumXL 1.57 comes with an important feature: seasonal adjustment for time series using X11 / X12-ARIMA methodology.

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