NumXL 1.63 SHAMROCK is going beta

Great News! Spider has begun the beta testing phase of the upcoming NumXL version 1.63 (Shamrock), which supports new models (e.g. ARIMA, SARIMA, ARMAX and SARIMAX) and a Monte-Carlo simulation functionality. In addition to numerous fixes, NumXL 1.63 will offer extensive support for ARMA-modeling via a complete set of models and related analysis tools. Furthermore, our new simulation functionality lets users conduct all sorts of ad-hoc scenarios and calculate sound statistics to further support decision-making processes. Check out the video below for more information about NumXL 1.63’s new features.

Take a Sneak Peek

Customers interested in joining the beta testing program are encouraged to contact the beta support team at Spider Financial for further information and instructions to download the program.

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