Read through the articles related to auto-regressive integrated moving average (ARIMA) family models.

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Backtesting in Excel

The article is about how to do Backtesting in Microsoft Excel, it’s modeling refers to a predictive model’s testing using historical data.

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NumXL 1.67 MARTHA public availability

ARMA Unplugged

We’ve featured ARIMA models in a few of our tutorials before, but this week we’ll explore them in rich detail, starting with a clear definition of the process and moving on from there.

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NumXL 1.63 SHAMROCK is going beta

Great News! Spider has begun the beta testing phase of the upcoming NumXL version 1.63 (Shamrock), which supports new models (e.g. ARIMAi, SARIMAi, ARMAX and SARIMAXi) and a Monte-Carlo simulation functionality.

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