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NumXL V1.68 is Launching as an Invite-Only Beta

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the beta testing phase for NumXL 1.68! The new version comes with several enhancements, most notably support for portfolio statistics and revised kernel density estimation (KDE) functionality.

For portfolio statistics, NumXL supports eleven (11) new risk metrics:

  • CAGR
  • Sharpe ratio
  • Calmar ratio 
  • Treynor ratio
  • Value-at-Risk (VaR)
  • Conditional VaR
  • (Up/Down) Market Capture ratios
  • Maximum Drawdown
  • CAPM Beta
  • Jensen’s Alpha

For KDE, we implemented support for bounded domains, data transformation, and bandwidth optimization using a direct plug-in (Sheather and Jones) and an unbiased version of cross-validation.

How long does the beta testing phase last?

We are planning two weeks for beta testing, but this may be extended depending on the issues reported and the development turnaround. NumXL is a platform that has always prioritized inclusiveness, so we did not make the decision to launch version 1.68 as an invite-only test beta lightly. However, after carefully considering all factors in the app and community we want to build, we believe it was the right decision to make. We wanted to share with you why we decided to go this route.

Please refer to our FAQ on our help center for brief answers to many common questions about our beta program.

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