NumXL Price Change Coming

With great reluctance, Spider will be increasing the price of a NumXL license with the release of NumXL 1.60 (Apache). The NumXL annual license price will increase to \$200 USD/yr (a \$50 USD increase) for new customers only. That means all our current customers can continue to enjoy NumXL at the original annual price at the time of the renewal. Best of all, the price increase will not apply to our customers with perpetual licenses, nor will it affect our deeply discounted prices (\$50 USD/yr) for student customers. Like many young enterprises, we chose to undercharge for NumXL originally to stimulate demand, build up a critical mass of customer referrals, and gather feedback as we continue to make improvements. As our product value offering continues to grow and new, user-requested features are constantly added, our support cost is increasing as well. Of course we will continue to maintain the superb level of support that you’ve grown used to as we continue improving on NumXL, and thus we find it regretfully necessary to increase the price of our annual license. The price change will take effect with the official launch of NumXL 1.60 (Apache) on May 20th, 2013. As a token of our appreciation to current customers, we decided to exclude them from this price change. We deeply appreciate your continued support. Thank you for being great users. For a complete list of the changes that will take effect with the release of Apache, please refer to the NumXL release notes.

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