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NumXL Student-Only offer

We are happy to announce the launch of a special discount offer exclusive for students and/or parents shopping for students. Through this program, students are entitled to a deeply discounted copy of NumXL for only $50. To qualify for this sale, simply email us at [email protected] from your valid “.edu” e-mail account, and we will send you the promotion code to use at our online checkout store. If you do not have an .edu address, please contact one of our sales representative at 1 888-427-9486.

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  1. Dear Sir, I would like to try your product for my thesis analysis if possible. I have to perform some GLM regressions, even if one with gamma distribution would have been a very good one too. In Spain we do not have edu finishing, Deusto is .es. Deusto is the mother branch of all the Jesuit university in the world.
    Looking forward to receiving your news. Many thanks and all the health

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