NumXL Subscription

Today, the SPIDER team announces the launch of an annual licensing (aka subscription) program for NumXL 1.5X Pro. New customers can now choose between the perpetual licensing plan and an annual licensing subscription at a lower cost.

Like the perpetual license, the annual license includes FREE 12-month premier support and updates, and the same discounting for volume, non-profit, government and academic organizations.

On a separate note, the SPIDER team has discontinued the promotional NumXL pricing campaign ($200), which we launched back in October of 2011. Please note that Customers who started their NumXL trial in the last two months (February and March 2012) can still purchase NumXL Pro (perpetual license) at the promotional price ($200) to the end April, 2012. Contact our customer support for further details.

An annual subscription of NumXL is available at a base price of $150/user/year, while the perpetual license is available for $300/user.

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