Official Release of NumXL 1.0

Official Release of NumXL 1.0

SPIDER Financial has announced the official release of NumXL – the econometrics analytical software – version 1.0 to the general public.

What’s changed in this release?

The latest release includes a few minor fixes, revised documentation (i.e., help file, tutorials, and case studies), and enhanced user-interfaces (UI), improving the software’s usability. To see a full list of changes in this release, please check release notes.

How to download and install NumXL 1.0

The official release is available for download on our website. We recommend all users download this update for the minor fixes included. You can download and install NumXL 1.0 on the Free Trial page.

NOTE: Before you install the new version, please uninstall the old version on your machine.

License Agreement

NumXL 1.0 is released under a freeware license agreement. Users are advised to review the license agreement.

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