Hurst Exponent in Excel

Hurst Exponent in Excel

In this week’s issue of Tips & Tricks, we will address a topic which we’ve received numerous inquiries about; The Hurst Exponent.

The name “Hurst Exponent,” or “Hurst Coefficient”, derives from Harold Edwin Hurst (1880–1978). Studies involving the Hurst exponent were initially developed in hydrology for the practical matter of determining optimum dam sizing for the Nile river’s volatile rain and drought conditions that had been observed over a long period.

But what exactly is the Hurst Exponent? How do we use it in Excel? And how do we interpret the calculated values? In our latest issue of Tips & Tricks, we will go over the this in-depth. We’ll examine the monthly average carbon dioxide (CO2) levels recorded in a weather station in Hawaii to help you develop intuition and an insight into the subject.

Interested? Lets Begin.

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